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Les EnTourLoupés présentent "La Crazytude"

Les EnTourLoupés présentent "La Crazytude"

AFTER ! 20 ans du service enfance-jeunesse de Bulle


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Aretha Charter

Ebullition has been a signatory of the Aretha Charter since 2019

This charter was drawn up by the Mille Sept Sans association, which campaigns for safe public spaces for everyone, in particular by raising awareness of street harassment. We are proud and happy to be able to collaborate with such an active and militant association in the region.


Aretha Charter PDF / Milleseptsans (Aretha) Website

If a customer is subjected to or witnesses inappropriate behaviour, inappropriate gestures or discrimination based on gender identity, sexual orientation, physical appearance, disability, skin colour, ethnicity, religious affiliation, social background or any other form of moral and/or sexual harassment, he or she may report this behaviour to the staff.

Ebullition is committed to ensuring that those who harass customers, behave inappropriately or make inappropriate gestures are appropriately punished, and that victims/witnesses are cared for safely.


In order to make it easier for people to speak out, we have decided to introduce an internal Aretha form below to collect testimonials, criticisms, comments and requests for information concerning the application of the charter in our venue.

PLEASE NOTE: Leave the Last Name, First Name and Email fields blank if you wish to remain anonymous.

The form has been sent successfully! Thank you for your interest!