Hubris. (CH)

Mouche-Miel (CH)

Sound & Culture #6 by Kalabray Sound System

Les EnTourLoupés présentent "La Crazytude"

Les EnTourLoupés présentent "La Crazytude"

AFTER ! 20 ans du service enfance-jeunesse de Bulle


Vígljós (CH)

Kernal (CH)

Omni Selassi (CH)

numoōn (CH)

Johnny Montreuil (FR)

Loretta Gun (CH)

L'Impasse (CH)

Cultural GA

The Cultural GA is valid for us!

Ebullition is proud to be a partner of the Cultural GA. Haven't you heard of it yet?

The AG CULTUREL gives you free access to thousands of events, festivals, shows, concerts, film clubs and exhibitions in hundreds of cultural venues in the cantons of Bern, Fribourg, Jura, Neuchâtel and Valais.

Valid for 365 days, the pass is aimed at young people under 25, who can order it via the website agculturel.ch.

The pass is available in the form of a physical card or a smartphone application. One card for unlimited cultural activities!

In short, you pay 100 Swiss francs and you get free access to thousands of events, including all the evenings at Ebullition (but also at the Nouveau Monde, the Pont Rouge and/or the Salle CO2, for example).

To be sure of securing a place in the Kultur-GA, please send an e-mail, at least one week in advance, to admin(at)ebull.ch so that we can reserve a place for you.

Flammenküche at Gare à Toi

Flammenküche before ebullition at Gare à Toi! Gare à Toi offers a discount of 3 CHF per flammenküche on presentation of your ebullition admission ticket. The restaurant is located at Rue de la Lécheretta 1 in Bulle, more information on their website.


As in previous seasons, a limited edition of "High Five" cards is on sale this year!

For the price of CHF 50, you will be entitled to 5 tickets, one for each club, to be presented at the evening ticket office during the current year, subject to availability.

You can obtain the "High Five!" card from each of the 5 clubs.

At Ebullition, you can buy it at the evening checkout (subject to availability) or by contacting admin(at)ebull.ch!

Pass Bienvenue - Bulle

The Pass Bienvenue (Welcome Pass) is intended for all newcomers to Bulle. It gives free, unlimited access to Bulle's cultural attractions for one year. It's an excellent opportunity to discover the town's cultural landscape and make new contacts! More information at bulledeculture.ch.

KulturLegi by Caritas

The CarteCulture is a free personal document for adults and children aged five and over on a tight budget. The CarteCulture entitles you to a 50% discount on tickets to Ebullition events. You can obtain the CarteCulture at your local CarteCulture regional office. For more information, visit caritas.ch.