Hubris. (CH)

Mouche-Miel (CH)

Sound & Culture #6 by Kalabray Sound System

Les EnTourLoupés présentent "La Crazytude"

Les EnTourLoupés présentent "La Crazytude"

AFTER ! 20 ans du service enfance-jeunesse de Bulle


Vígljós (CH)

Kernal (CH)

Omni Selassi (CH)

numoōn (CH)

Johnny Montreuil (FR)

Loretta Gun (CH)

L'Impasse (CH)

How we work

Ebullition is managed by a non-profit association. The committee has eight members divided into strategic sectors. In each of these sectors, numerous volunteers work to ensure the smooth running of the venue, before, during and after the evenings. In total, we have around sixty volunteers.
The staff is divided into two main categories: "regulars", who give free access to all the evenings offered at Ebullition in exchange for two evenings of work per month, and "irregulars", who offer free admission for each evening worked by the volunteer.

Ebullition employs seven part-time staff in key evening management positions: administration, programming, technical, communication, logistics and concierge. We can add to this a number of mandates for sound and lighting technicians.


Ebullition is committed to involving local players in its artistic programming. That's why we're always on the lookout for new collaborations.
You can submit your collaboration projects by email to prog@ebull.ch or admin@ebull.ch.

Artistic residency

Ebullition is a structure approved by the State of Fribourg to receive subsidised residencies. For further information: en.ch/culture. Applications should be sent to admin@ebull.ch and prog@ebull.ch


Ebullition is a flagship venue for the alternative and independent cultural scene in French-speaking Switzerland. Since 1991, the Ebullition association has been offering a range of cultural events in the Gruyère region, mainly based on contemporary music. In 1994, Ebull moved into the former Lux cinema on rue de Vevey 34 to accommodate a larger audience in a more suitable venue. This century-old cinema provides a special setting for the various activities that take place there.

The association has grown from year to year, opening up to other cultural universes such as theatre and cinema (given the location, it had to) and becoming more professional. Ebull has around sixty volunteers and six dedicated employees. Today, Ebull offers around a hundred events a year, including concerts in all styles of music, with Swiss and international artists, theatre, cinema, performances, debates and workshops for young and old alike.
Filled with history, Ebullition intends to perpetuate its commitment by actively contributing to the cultural vitality of the region and helping to create your own story.

Committee and employees