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Dim 09/10/2022

Culture En Partage

White Page

Journée multiculturelle!

Concert - Entré libre - Portes 16h45

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Culture En Partage

Culture en Partage est une journée multi-culturelle proposé par le Service de la Culture de Bulle.

Au programme:

- 14h - Film "La Source Des Femmes" au Prado
- 17h - White Page à Ebullition
- 18h - Repas Marocain à Ebullition

La journée est gratuite et accessible à tout le monde!

White Page

White page is an Afghan rock band formed on march 8th, 2011 in Kabul, Afghanistan by guitarist Hojat Hameed, drummer Reshad Afzali, bassist Rateb Ramish and vocalist Maqsood Sadid. The band members moved to Switzerland in august 2014, apart from Rateb Ramish, who migrated in Sweden. The band recorded its debut album, “Fuck the war”, in October 2018 in Sensus Sweden.

It contains eight tracks dealing with decades of wars, political issues of Afghanistan and expresses to build a cultural bridge between Afghanistan and the rest of the world. The first song of the album is called ‘Fuck the war’. This song is blended with Afghan Music; the song is in Afghan 7/8 rhythm which expresses three decades war and the issues of this period in Afghanistan.

White Page is the only Afghan rock band that was mentioned in the widely known, Rolling Stone magazine. Furthermore, the band also appeared widely in local and international media, such as New York times, Washington Post, US department of State, ABC, AP, BBC, NPR, NBC and Reuters. The combo has also been spotted performing at multiple places such as Sound Central festival, embassies, Afghan Rock festival, private afghan universities and public centres.

In brief, White Page Band is an Afghan band that is made of Afghan Youth. It works for promoting the music especially rock music in Afghanistan in order to show the real and good face of Afghanistan to the world.

Now, there is a new and blank page for Afghanistan music, a white page over all black pages which reflect adversity of three decades war. It could be written good words, good days of Afghan people and unsaid and unheard words of them, the words which are in the hearts, and finally the development of Afghanistan. That’s why it is called “White Page”.